Misty Dawn Is The Head Of Bolder Beauty, Creator Of Bolder Color, And Owner Of A Bolder Blonde Salon.

Bolder Beauty Group Consists Of: Bolder Beauty Education And Training, The Bolder Color Program, A Bolder Blonde Salons, A Bolder Salon Affiliate Program, BBolder Salon Magazine, BBolder Haircare, And Eosopy Media.

As The Head Of Bolder Beauty, Misty Dawn Manages And Oversees All Digital, Social, And Printed Bolder Beauty Content. She’s Currently Working On The Launch Of Nine Bolder Beauty Training Books, Website, Blog, Videos, And Social Media.

As The Creator Of The Bolder Color Program, Misty Dawn Updated Color Education For Hairdressers Through Brand New Color Theory For Hair And A Step-By-Step Guide For Specific Color-Corrections. Bolder Color Was Designed To Create A Universal Process For Color Among Hairdressers.

Bolder Beauty’s ‘A Bolder Salon’ Affiliate Program Was Developed By Misty Dawn As A Technological Tool For Stylist Success In The Business Of Beauty Through Online Guest Services, Beauty Service Standardization, And Salon Marketing Media.

Eosopy Media Was Created By Misty Dawn As An In-House Publisher For All Standard Bolder Beauty Material.

Misty Dawn Established Her Own Salon, A Bolder Blonde, In 2010 In Parker, CO And Has Been Licensed Since 1996. She Remains Continuously On-Trend Through Education And Creating Her Own Branded Content.

A Bolder Blonde Specializes In Haircolor Corrections, Specialty Haircolor, Tailored Haircuts, Luxury Custom Extensions, And Custom Wigs.

Above All Else, Misty Dawn Is Happiest As A Creative Being A Hairdresser In Her Salon. Her Client-Fam Are Her Muses And Challenge Her Skills Daily.




Bolder Beauty Will Be Launching Nine Books In 2021. These Books Will Cover Training In Salon Service Techniques And Business Tactics For Salons With Assistants And Commission Stylists, And For Independent Stylists. Bolder Color Training Is A New Universal Color Program Which Standardizes Color-Correction Services Around A New Color Theory For Hair. 

The Books To Be Launched Are:

Master Of Bolder Color- Gold Edition- Mastering Haircolor And Color-Corrections 

-Specialty Gold Cover
-Includes The Workshops And The Science Of Bolder Color

Master Of Bolder Color- Mastering Haircolor And Color-Corrections
-Trilogy Cover
-Includes The Workshops And The Science Of Bolder Color

Science Of Bolder Color- New Color Theory And Color-Correction Theory Standard
-Trilogy Cover
-The Patent Work For The Science Of Bolder Color

-Includes Color Charts

Workshops Of Bolder Color- Foundational Workshops For New Color Theory Priming And Decolorizing
-Trilogy Cover
-The Blondie And Raven Workshops

-Includes Client Stories

Affiliate Textbook- Bolder Beauty Business, Training, And Color

-Includes All Bolder Beauty Training
-Includes All Bolder Color Training
-Includes Founder History

The Woman Behind The Brand- An Unapologetic Autobiography
-A History Of Misty Dawn’s Life From 2009-2021
-The Complete History Of Bolder Beauty

Bolder Beauty- Salon Growth- Business- Training, Strategy, And Promos
-Basic And Advanced Salon Service Standardization

-Salon Growth Strategies With Employees
-Salon Promo Strategies With Clients

Bolder Beauty- Stylist Training- Business- Salon Assistant To Commission Stylist
-Assistant Training Standardization For Salon Efficiency
-Advanced Commission Stylist Training For Higher Salon Profits

Bolder Beauty- Independent Stylist- Business- Branding, Marketing, And Growth
-How To Brand Your Business Using Graphics, Font, Color, Logo, And Slogan

-Best Ways To Market Your Business Via The Internet
-How To Grow Your Business From Within


-Misty Dawn began her career at Boulder Vocational Technical School, now known as Boulder TEC, on January 17th 1995.

-Her tenacity for haircolor was recognized right away in cosmetology school and she was forwarded to a color assistant position by the head instructor.

-Misty Dawn interviewed twice, before and after licensure, to secure her position at the prestigious Charisma Salon in Boulder, CO, in April 1996.

-It was in the summer of 1997 when she first changed color theory for hair by creating the first steps of Bolder Color on a color-correction client.

-Misty Dawn was a commission stylist as a Color and Color-Correction Specialist for five years before becoming a booth renter, where she resumed education on all hair services in 2001.

-During this time she began exploration into many different forms of art including; large-scale multimedia art, jewelry design, costume design, photography, and music composition. She also volunteered to be the Lead Stylist for a local lingerie fashion show featuring eight models.

-Misty Dawn moved to Hilton Head Island, S.C., where she worked at an upscale boutique salon named Fringe in 2005. It was at Fringe Salon that she started developing her signature haircutting techniques on corrective haircuts from other stylists.

-During The Great Recession from 2008 to 2009, Misty Dawn moved back to Colorado to pursue higher education. At the age of thirty, she took her GED without prep and passed with an honors score. She was accepted at Metropolitan State University of Denver as an English Writing Major, Native American Studies Minor, was Honors accepted, and maintained a 4.0 gpa. This education provided her with the skills to move forward in her career and to pursue bringing her ideas to reality.

-Misty Dawn wrote her first color education workshop book for new color theory (colorpriming) and received her first Certificate of Copyright Registration in August 2009.

-Her Bolder Beauty brand started with her own business, A Bolder Blonde Salon in 2010. Misty Dawn branched out on her Bolder Beauty training when she wrote her first books on assistant training and salon growth strategies from 2011-2012.

-Misty Dawn filed her first U.S. Provisional Patent Application in July 2012 through Dorsey and Whitney LLP for her new color theory and new colorpriming theory; and filed her second U.S. Provisional Patent Application in June 2016 through Dorsey and Whitney LLP for her new decolorizing theory. These two filings are the core principles of her Bolder Color program.

-The continual evolution, creation, and growth of Bolder Beauty, Bolder Color, and A Bolder Blonde Salon have taken constant work for the last decade. Misty Dawn will officially launch Bolder Beauty and Bolder Color in 2021.

-After her brand launching, Misty Dawn plans to give back to her community via Guest Artist at a few local schools on a continuous basis and promote her Bolder Scholarship Workshops to cosmetology school students in Colorado.