Take Doing Good Business To The Next Level,

Through Our Books On Service Techniques, New Color Theory, Color-Correction Theory, Training Videos,

Business, Marketing, Updated Service Menus And Service Pricing,

Salon Policies And Service Deposits.

Affiliates Have Their Own Bolder Beauty Website

And Bolder Beauty Web Address, Known As A Microsite.

This Site Hosts Their Business Information,

With Bolder Beauty Links To Our Service Menu And Policy/Deposit Pages,

And A New Client Submission Form.

Click Here For An Example Of An Affiliate Website


Bolder Beauty™ Launched Multiple eBooks For Beauty Pros.

Our Branded Service Menu Was Created To Account For:

Standard Times For All Types Of Services,

Standard Pricing For Different Types Of Technical Services,

While Also Managing Time And Product Cost For Add-On Services.

You Didn't Pay For Cosmetology School To Work For Free Did You?

This Is Basic Business 101. Time, Money, And Product Costs.

Specialty Services Are More Tedious And Eat Up More Time And Product.

We've Got Our Affiliates Covered. 

​And Clients Know Exactly What They Will Pay.


We Like To Call This 'The Bolder Client Experience.'

Post-Pandemic Salon Business Has Changed.

Clients That Weren't Getting One-On-One Experience With Their Stylists Finally Got It.

​"Pandemic Business" Didn't Allow For The Crowdedness Of Double-Booking.

There Are A Lot Of Ways Of Making Money In The Beauty Industry.

You Get To Choose.

​Bolder Beauty™ Is Here For The Client Experience.

​And Our Bolder Clients Are Willing To Pay For That Experience.

​We Like To Give The Kind Of Experience That We Would Like To Receive.

Bolder Beauty™ Services Are Tailored To Our Clients In Every Way,

From Their Relaxing Scalp Massage,

To Their Clean And Precise Customized Color Or Cut,

​And Leaving With Salon Beautiful Hair

Feeling Relaxed, Refreshed, And Ready To Take On The World.​​


Bolder Beauty's Affiliate Pricing Structure Was Designed For Every Stylist,

From Beauty Pros In The Beginnings Of Their Career

To Beauty Pros In High-End Locales.

A Bolder Beauty Affiliate™ Can Grow Their Entire Career Through Bolder Beauty™

We Have Four Pricing Tiers For Hairdressers To Level-Up Through As They Choose.

Under Each Tier Is Nine Levels.

In Tier One, Haircuts Start At $45

And End At $100.

In Tier Two, Haircuts Start At $150

And End At $600.

Tiers Two Through Four Are Called Elites.

Expensive ​Location, Specialized Education, And Salon Notoriety

Play A Huge Role In Service Prices For Elites, So Don't Go Into Shock.

Bolder Beauty™ Was Designed For Everyone.

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As A Beauty Pro, Time Is Money And It Cannot Be Made Up After Last-Minute Cancels,

Re-Schedules, Or No-Shows.

Even Worse? Check Scammers.

Stylists Have Experienced Them Or Have Heard About Them In The Salon.

​This Is Their Income And We Take It Seriously. 

Our Policies Are Here To Protect Our Affiliates While Remaining Fair To New Clients.

Our Policies Are Tried-And-True.

In Fact, Client Respect For Salon Business Grew With Our Policies.

​Customers Love A Well-Run Business, It Makes Them Feel More Secure.

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With Our Policies


Everyone Loves A Savings, Especially When Trying Something New.

But Beauty Pros Should Never Be Cheapened By It.

​The Simplest New Client Promo Is Tried And True,

While Also Securing New Loyal Clients,

Our 10% Off A Cut And/Or Color Service. 

​You Can't Build A Career On Clients That Purely Bargain Hunt.

Bargain Hunters May Fill Time,

 But Ultimately They Will Not Be Repeat Customers That Your Career Grows With.

Bolder Beauty Affiliates™ Are Career-Minded Beauty Pros.

And We Treat Them That Way.

As An Affiliate,

You Can Opt-In Or Out Of New Client Promos.

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Gone Are The Days Of The Old 'Passed-Down' Salon Service Menu.

We Are So Much More Than Single-Process Color, Foils, And Basic Haircuts.

And While Balayage And Ombre Has Been Thrown In There,

There Are A Lot Of Services That Are Unaccounted For.

This Results In Huge Profit Losses, Stylist Dissatisfaction,

Improper Booking Times, Scheduling Crises,

And Unhappy Clients.

If You're Nodding Your Head, It's Because This Happens All Too Often.