2013 - 2014

Patent Proposal, Business Research, And Brand Research

Pivoting To A Brand Required A Significant Amount Of Research, More Color Theory Work, And Numbers.
- Misty Dawn had to educate herself on what was required of a great business proposal to successfully approach a large brand. It was an immense amount of research and work.

- She had to educate herself on contract negotiations regarding patents, possible negotiations with investors or angel investors etc. and explore which brands would be most optimal for her education brand.

- Paul Mitchell was at the top of the list with the most cosmetology schools in North America. The idea of pursuing them because they could provide enhanced initial cosmetology education with the new color program, plus advanced new color theory classes for licensed Beauty Pros, and the possibility of product development with them was a no-brainer.

- But Misty was going to have to create more material for a solid foundation with her color theory before approaching them. It also meant a local launch of her education brand to gauge interest and come to Paul Mitchell with solid numbers in her patent proposal. After doing this research, and knowing the years of work ahead, she took the remainder of the year off from computer work to focus on long distance running as a means of maintaining perseverance and attaining goals.


Rebranding And The R. Stafford Beauty Supply Meeting

Misty Rebrands TMM And Approaches The Professional Beauty Supplier R. Stafford.
- R. Stafford was founded in 1983 and was a major product supplier of Paul Mitchell, as well as many other brands, with multiple supply stores in Colorado and in New Mexico.

- After the rebranding of TMM books and online media, friend and salon owner Laura Cornish suggests the beauty supplier R. Stafford to carry TMM education and forwards Misty Dawn to Robert. Misty schedules a meeting with Robert Stafford to carry her brand's education for Beauty Pros.

- June 29th 2016- Robert reviews Misty's books and suggests she approaches Paul Mitchell directly with her patent proposal for her education. He forwards her to Wade Anderson the National Sales Manager at Paul Mitchell Systems.

- Misty Dawn prepares her patent proposal, her resume, and table of contents snippets from her books for Paul Mitchell. On August 18th 2016, Misty Dawn forwards her documents to Mr. Anderson for review, who then forwards her proposal and supporting material to the VP of Product And Development at Paul Mitchell at the time, Kristin Firrell.

VP of Product And Development At Paul Mitchell

Misty Sends Her Patent Proposal To Paul Mitchell But Questions What A Contract Will Entail.
- On August 20th 2016, Misty hears from Kristin Firrell and forwards her patent proposal along with snippets from her books. The VP was busy with the launching of multiple new products Neon, The Demi, and POP XG, yet maintained communication over her review.


- After review, Ms. Firrell forwarded to VP of Education Stephanie Kocielski. Misty had not received a response from Ms. Kocielski, which gave her time to think about contract negotiations.

- Misty thought about whether or not she truly wanted to devote the rest of her working career to a contract based off of a multi-faceted patent. With so much more work left on the line, she faced a tough decision.

- Ultimately, she let go of the patent and chose to build a larger brand (Bolder Beauty™) to represent herself, thereby giving her more control over business decisions in the long term. She thanked Ms. Firrell for taking the time to review her and for being such a great representation of Paul Mitchell culture.


Gold Theory™ Copyright

After Nearly Fifteen Years As A Color-Correction Specialist, Misty Dawn Officially Creates Gold Theory™
- On August 17th 2009 Misty Dawn Files Her Copyright For Her Color Priming Workshop Named Blondie.

- The Blondie Workshop Creates Official Mandatory Procedures For Going Blonde To Brunette Using New Gold Color Theory And Keratin Reconstructor Theory.


First Gold Theory™ Workshop

After Misty Starts A Bolder Blonde in 2010, And Trains Assistants, She Teaches Her First Workshop
- This was a big year of transformation and the realization of something much larger at work. Misty had no idea that she was already laying the groundwork for Bolder Beauty™

- Misty begins the process of mannequin testing her workshop.​ Her finalized hands-on workshop was a big success with hairstylists of varying levels of experience.

2015 - 2016

Gold Theory Decolorizing Patent-Pending

Misty Dawn Creates The Raven Workshop For Gold Theory™ Decolorizing.
- Misty gets back to computer work by creating the step-by-step instructions for the new Raven Workshop featuring Gold Theory™ decolorizing procedures, then begins working on the science behind it, while creating new Gold Theory™ equations and color charts for the other half of Gold Theory™ color science.

- On June 28th 2016 the patent application was filed. She solidifies her patent proposal research, decides to test her brand education at the local level first, and rebrands for sales.


Gold Theory™ Invented

For Misty, The Replacement Of Concentrated Red Priming With Gold Priming Was Logical.
- Stylists are trained that a red filler on blonde creates the warmth required to be a building block for color applied after filling, because red is both a warm color and a smaller molecule to enter the hair.

- The cons of red filler are many, including; the final color that is used to neutralize the red filler creates a murky color that is not true-to-tone, underlying brassiness when the neutralizing color fades, and brassiness that will not come out of the hair until it is cut off.

​- Gold is logical because it is both a warm color and also a small color molecule. Neutralizing gold is very easy while still creating a beautiful final color. There's no underlying brassiness when final color fades. And the final color and gold fill is easy to lift out of the hair in the future.

- During this time, different versions of keratin reconstructors were on the market discussing the science of superhelical ropes inside the hair. Prompting Misty's idea of mandatory keratin-specific reconstruction before and/or after applying color prime for better color adhesion inside the hair.

- Misty Dawn tested her idea of gold theory in 1997 on her client who wanted to go from blonde to brunette.  Misty used her keratin reconstructor theory, gold concentrate/gold base primer theory, and finalized her color with a warm and cool neutral. This color faded on-tone with zero brassiness. 

Cengage Learning And Milady Peer Review

There Was Only One Place Misty Wanted To Shop Her Color Theory And That Was Milady.
- Misty Dawn was determined to get her new color theory into the standard cosmetology book created by Milady because it's the most used worldwide and would help educate more stylists.

- On August 17th 2012, she mailed out the required prospectus for new education material to Milady's parent company, Cengage Learning, as well as, a separate book proposal to Milady. Misty's work was forwarded to the Editor at the time, Martine Edwards. 

- On September 24th 2012, Misty's work went through a peer review by Beauty Pros and Instructors as subject matter experts for Milady. By December 14th 2012, she passed peer review but was told she should bring her color education to a brand.


Gold Theory™ Color Priming Patent-Pending

With The Blondie Workshop A Success, It Was Time To Go Patent-Pending And Shop Misty's Color Theory.
- Being patent-pending lends credibility to an innovative idea especially when it's intellectual property. Using a patent lawyer to become patent-pending is also a significant amount of credible work, time, and money.

- When Misty Dawn approached her future lawyer she was referred to, she was told that her public workshop made her idea unpatentable. Misty argued that she had mathematical equations and color charts associated with her color-corrections that she did not make public, and that saved her ability to be patented.

- On July 26th 2012, she copyrights her DVD to go with her written workshop material.

- On September 8th 2012, she went patent-pending under the name The Misty Method Of Color-Correction (TMM LLC/TMM Ltd.) through Dorsey and Whitney.




2022 - 2023

Launching Of Bolder Beauty™

After Thirteen Years, What Does The Future Have In Store For Us?
Hairdressers have always been our top priority and we're thrilled to get feedback from them on our videos, our books, and our ideas. Their feedback will help shape the future of Bolder Beauty™ education.

​As we look back on this timeline and look forward to the future, we still have high hopes for getting COS education to pivot and provide this critical and updated color education to new hairdressers at the beginning of their career- instead of thinking that this updated core education is optional, or only meant for brands.

We also feel that Bolder Beauty™ can now be more completely merged with other companies that share the same values and dedication to hairdressers. Companies that are moving toward and embracing the future of hair education and technology.

So we ask ourselves, is that company yours? Click through our slideshow for more details.

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2016 - 2022

Development Of Bolder Beauty™

Becoming Your Own Brand, Funding Your Own Brand, And Taking Full Control Is The Hardest Work.
Misty would soon discover that the hardest work was yet to come. The next six years would be full of many failures for each success and working twice to three times as hard for the standards of Bolder Beauty™  During this time, through newer technology, she also created her best work.

Further Development And Evolution Of:

- Graphic Design And Marketing

- Master's Of Color Program- Book Series, Video Series, And Certifications

- Bolder Beauty™ Master's Of COS Book Series

- Stylist Training Techniques​ 

​- Bolder Beauty™ Website And Socials

- Branded Merch

- New Color Science- Auburn Priming Theory, Natural Direct Dye Theory, And Black Direct Dye Theory

- New Color-Correction Laws- The Law Of Three, The Law Of 40%, and The Law Of Color Blocking

Partnership Form


The history of Bolder Beauty™ and Bolder Color™ spans many decades.

​The founder and creator of our beauty brand and our color theory is Misty Dawn.

Our timeline covers the hard work and many successes of: new color theories, copyrights, workshops, patents, book and business proposals, and peer reviews, before Misty strategically chose entrepreneurship as Bolder Beauty™... with the possibility of transformative industry partnerships. 

We're ready to update a beauty industry that still comfortably teaches from the constructs of its past.

Let's step into a mutually beneficial success for the next 100 years.